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Gravity Falls

In Oregon, there is a town called Gravity Falls. Dipper and his twin sister Mabel's came here for the summer to stay with their great-uncle Stan, who owns perhaps the main attraction of that boring settlement - a tourist center with the alluring name “Mystery Shack”.

Real adventures begin when Dipper accidentally discovers a mysterious diary from an unknown author. It describes in detail all sorts of anomalies that are happening in the village. Curious twins intend to discover the secret of Gravity Falls and explore all the remarkable places of the town. The guys also want to find the owner of that diary of wonders.

Join the adventures of Dipper, Mable, and their friends with a fanart collection of Gravity Falls cursors. Set a Gravity Falls Journal cursor and seek adventures on your browsing, or use Waddles cursor as an entertaining companion of your web travels. The main character cursor Mable and Dipper are also here. Just pick what you like best and enjoy it!


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