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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a massively multiplayer online game in a platformer, battle royale, and arcade genre in which you control cute jelly bean-like creatures.

Fall Guys players compete against each other in a series of challenges that can include teamwork, running to the finish line at the end of the map, or playing Tail Tag round with other players. Your funny characters can only jump, run and grab other participants with their hands. The object of the game is to successfully complete each mini-game where a large number of obstacles appear for added difficulty.

Using in-game currency, you can buy emotes or skins for your character. In this way, we got a fanart cursor for a mouse with Fall Guys T-Rex Costume, pink cursor Fall Guys Sparkle-Whal Costume, Fall Guys cursor with French Fries Costume, or Fall Guys cursor for a mouse with Hot Dog Costume! Some characters can be from other franchises, for example, our Fall Guys cursor with Bullet Kin Costume, purple cursor for a mouse with Fall Guys Gato Roboto Costume, fanart cursor with Fall Guys P-Body Costume, or yellow cursor Fall Guys My Friend Pedro Costume!

In this Fall Guys collection of fanart cursors, you can find a wide variety of jelly bean-like creatures! Among them are game cursor for a mouse Fall Guys Fairycorn Costume, Fall Guys cursor with Pigeon Costume, fanart cursor Fall Guys Rookie Costume, Fall Guys cursor for a mouse with Crash Test Dummy Costume, game cursor with Fall Guys Pirate Costume, and many others!


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