Tiko Fishstick and Orange Flopper Cursor

Fishstick is a skin from the popular game Fortnite. He is an orange fish, dressed in a blue overall. There is a cap on the head, and the skin is in scales. It is one of Fortnite's most controversial designs, as fans are divided into overwhelmingly different opinions. Jaden, known on the Internet as Tiko, is a fifteen-year-old YouTuber from America. He is popular for filming Fortnite videos with a voice changer. He is also known for being the leader of the Fishy Army. If you like Fortnite game use a cool and unusual mouse cursor with YouTubers Tiko Fishstick and Orange Flopper!

Tiko Fishstick and Orange Flopper Cursor
Tiko Fishstick and Orange Flopper Pointer

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