Ooblets Shrumbo Cursor

Shrumbo is a character in the video game Ooblets from Glumberland. This is one of four overflights available to all who join the Mossprouts Club. This is one of the four ooblets that is available to everyone who joins the Mossprouts club. Shrumbos are the mascot ooblets of the Mossprouts club that have a dance battle style. It looks like a mushroom with a long neck, short arms, and legs. The common Shrumbo has a red cap, the uncommon has a yellow-orange cap, and the shiny one has blue. Do you like the game Ooblets or the cute character Shrumbo? Then enjoy our custom cursor Games Ooblets Shrumbo for a mouse!

Ooblets Shrumbo Cursor
Ooblets Shrumbo Pointer

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