Kirby Squishy Cursor

Squishy, also known as Squishy Squids in Kirby’s Pinball Land, is a familiar and enduring enemy in the Kirby series. Making its debut in the first Kirby game, Squishy has become a staple character in many of the franchise’s spin-offs, including Kirby’s Avalanche. Physically, Squishy is a small squid with a simplistic design featuring small beady eyes and eight tentacles. Typically, the two side tentacles are longer and held upright, giving Squishy a distinctive appearance. Over the years, its color has shifted from white to a light brownish-yellow, with the latest iterations in Kirby: Triple Deluxe adding light blue markings on its head. For fans of Kirby, a fanart cursor pack featuring Squishy.

Kirby Squishy Cursor
Kirby Squishy Blue White Pointer

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