Lackadaisy Mitzi May and Flower Cursor

In the captivating world of Lackadaisy, a webcomic masterfully crafted by American artist Tracy J. Butler, anthropomorphic cats take center stage in a Prohibition-era St. Louis. Amidst the speakeasies, jazz music, and seedy underbelly of the city, one character stands out – Mary Ellen Mitzi May, the enigmatic head of the Lackadaisy crew. Mitzi's character is a testament to Tracy J. Butler's storytelling prowess. She is a multifaceted individual, shrouded in secrets and contradictions. On one hand, she appears to be a strong and resourceful leader, managing the day-to-day operations of the Lackadaisy establishments during the Prohibition era, where danger and deceit lurk around every corner. A fanart Lackadaisy cursor with Mitzi May and Flower.

Lackadaisy Mitzi May and Flower Cursor
Lackadaisy Mitzi May and Flower Brown Pointer

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