Top Downloaded Cursors

Our collection of the cute custom cursors is giant, currently, it consists of the 4977 beautiful cursor packs. Over the years we got many questions from you on how many times each of cute cursors was downloaded. That's why we decided to provide you with a tool that can show you the most downloaded cursors of all time from our cursor collection.

Haikyuu!! Atsumu Miya and Fatty Tuna Cursor

Atsumu Miya is a character from Haikyuu!!. He is a second-year student at Inarizaki High who plays as a setter for the school's volleyball team, is Japan's best school setter. Cartoon anime cursor for a mouse Haikyuu!! Atsumu Miya and Fatty Tuna!

Stussy Cursor

Stussy Cursor soaked in California's love of streewear and surf. The arrow is painted with the cult signature of Shawn Stussy and, as a Pointer, the 8-ball from a well-known print.

Materials Mercury Cursor

Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun in the Solar System, named after the ancient Roman god of commerce. The Materials Mercury cursor for a mouse!

Henry Stickmin and Magic Pencil Cursor

Henry Stickmin is the main character of a series of fun Henry games created by Marcus Bromander. He has a big magic pencil that turns everything he draws into real things. The animated game cursor for a mouse Henry Stickmin and Magic Pencil!

Krispy Kreme Cocoa and Glazed Donut Cursor

If you love hot cocoa with marshmallows, a tasty glazed donut, or the famous Krispy Kreme, then enjoy this delicious food cursor for a mouse!

Pokemon Litwick and Chandelure Cursor

Buddy candle cursor! Litwick is candle-like Pokémon with a purple flame, which is powered by life energy that it absorbs. We are the fans of the Pokemon Go game, thus we made this Litwick and Chandelure cursor for you. Add this cute cursor to your mouse!

Jet Black 3D Cursor

Volume glossy cursor in black for all lovers of sophistication. But just be careful to use and don't scratch this mouse cursor.

Charli D'Amelio Cursor

Charli D'Amelio is a popular internet celebrity and dancer from Connecticut who became famous for her TikTok videos. Today, she has more than 75 million subscribers. The YouTuber cursor for a mouse with beautiful Charli D'Amelio!

Genshin Impact Ganyu and Bow Cursor

Ganyu is a playable Cryo character with blue hair, purple eyes, and red horns. The Genshin Impact cursor and game pointer with Ganyu and Bow!

Toy Poodle Dog Cursor

The Toy Poodle is a decorative breed that is considered one of the most popular circus dogs. Fluffy Toy Poodle is a very intelligent, kind, sociable, and loyal animal, is a real companion dog. The fluffy and cute cursor Toy Poodle Dog!

Fortnite Kondor and Sword Cursor

Kondor is an epic outfit, a vengeful spirit, who uses a dual sword as a weapon. The game Fortnite cursor for a mouse with Kondor and Sword!

Minimal Laboratory Flask Cursor

For lovers of chemistry, laboratories, and experiments, we have created a purple Minimal cursor for a mouse with Laboratory Flask!

BTS Jimin Remastered Cursor

Park Ji-min commonly referred to as Jimin is a South Korean k-pop star. He is a singer, dancer, and songwriter combined in one person. He is the lead vocalist and main dancer of BTS. Now in a cool k-pop cursor of Jimin with Chimmy with changes by fans.

Minecraft Stone Pickaxe and Block of Iron Cursor

To get the iron block, you need at least a stone pickaxe. To get it all at once, just add this Minecraf cursor.

Cute Mouse and Cheese Cursor

This little cute animal is called Mouse and is one of the most popular rodents on the planet. The cute cursor and animal pointer with Mouse and Cheese!

Fortnite Ocean Skin Tide Axes Pickaxe Cursor

Fortnite cursor with Ocean skin and her Tide Axes harvesting tool from the Chapter 2: Season 3 of Fortnite Battle Royale game.

VSCO Girl Pizza and Magnet Cursor

To that's where your Babe magnet went. A VSCO girls cursor pack in purple-pink colors with a delicious slice of pizza and a strong babe magnet for you to play with. VSCO Girl Pizza and Magnet custom mouse cursor from our VSCO Girls cursor collection.

Among Us Genie Character Cursor

If you want to win the game Among Us, then rub the magic lamp and a Genie will appear and fulfill your wish! The Among Us cursor with Genie Character!

Adventure Time Abracadaniel Cursor

Magic cursor with the most harmless wizard of the Land of Ooo named Abracadaniel and his twig-like wand, with which he can create a small rainbow or turn an object into a butterfly.

Attack on Titan Sasha Braus Cursor

Sasha Braus is a young woman with reddish-brown hair, bangs, and light brown eyes. The Attack on Titan cursor with Sasha Braus and Bread!

Cute Chocolate Bar Cursor

If you love sweet treats and adorable things, then combine it all in our cute cursor for a mouse with a smiling chocolate bar!

BTS Jin Cursor

The vocalist of the popular K-pop boy-band Jin and his BT21 character - Alpaca RJ, in a BTS cursor.

Roblox Adopt Me Ginger Cat Cursor

The Ginger Cat is an ultra-rare pet and the first pet received by Star Rewards players. The Adopt Me cursor and game pointer with Ginger Cat!

Marvel Thor from Ragnarok Cursor

The day of Asgard destruction! A doomsday event Ragnarok in Asgardian lore that prophesied the end of the Asgardian Empire became the plot of the film Thor: Ragnarok. We dare you to watch this amazing film and add Thor mouse cursors!

Materials Lava Cursor

As a child, we used to imagine that the floor was lava. Now we have grown up and imagined that the mouse cursor is lava.

Minecraft Story Mode Jesse and Enchanted Diamond Sword Cursor

Jesse is the playable character of the adventure game Minecraft: Story Mode from Telltale Games. Jesse's appearance and gender can be chosen. He uses an enchanted diamond sword. Game cursor Minecraft Story Mode Jesse and Enchanted Diamond Sword!

Materials Soap Cursor

Soap is a famous hygienic cleanser, which can be in different original shapes and with various smells. Deliciously scented pink soap with bubbles in the form of a cursor Materials Soap!

Fortnite Overtaker Skin Lane Splitter Back Bling Cursor

Custom cursor with Overtaker skin and Lane Splitter Back Bling from the Fortnight Vanishing Point collection.

Pluto and Bone Cursor

Pluto is a pretty yellow and orange dog with a long tail and black ears, a pet of Mickey Mouse. The Disney cartoon cursor with Pluto and Bone!

Colored Lines Cursor

If you like pretty things, then our very simple but incredibly stylish Colored Lines cursor for a mouse will delight you!

Haikyuu!! Satori Tendo and Chocolate Ice Cream Cursor

Satori Tendo is a character in the manga and anime series Haikyu!!, and is the central blocker on the Shiratorizawa Academy volleyball team. Sports anime cursor from Haikyuu!! with Satori Tendo and his favorite food Chocolate Ice Cream.

Blue Squares Cursor

How about a pixilated cursor? In this cursor pack cursor and pointer made of blue and purple pixels.

Fortnite Lace Skin Stitches Back Bling Cursor

Custom cursor with the Lace skin and Stitches back bling from the Fortnite Ouroboros set. The girl in white makeup with bright pink and purple hair and scary bear doll.

Pokemon Ash Ketchum Rotom Phone Cursor

Pokemon Trainer Ash Ketchum, who dreams of becoming the greatest Pokemon Master and his Rotom Phone in the anime cursor from the Pokémon series.

Wanna Sprite Cranberry Meme Cursor

Wanna Sprite Cranberry is a famous meme from the Christmas advertisement of Sprite Cranberry with LeBron James. The meme cursor Wanna Sprite Cranberry!

Red Panda and Bamboo Cursor

Custom cursor with the awesome red panda and its favorite bamboo, which can eat up to 4 kg per day.

Red Fiery Cursor

The flame of fire spreads over the affected materials. So, it touched our blue cursor and pointer and made them fiery! The Red Fiery cursor for a mouse!

Fortnite Red Knight Skin Crimson Axe Cursor

Fortnite cursor with Red Knight Skin and Crimson Axe. Put this noice Fortnite Skin on your cursor.

Golden Plane and Planet Cursor

Many people dream of going around the planet by plane, by car, or by foot! Add this Golden cursor with Plane and Planet and don't forget about travel!

Fortnite Frozen Love Ranger Skin Cold Hearted Cursor

Custom cursor with the Frozen Love Ranger skin and Cold Hearted pickaxe from the Fortnite Frozen Legends set.

Sunshine Yellow Cursor

Gentle sunshine color mouse cursor. This color is also similar to the yellow peach color, and bears associations with sweet fruits and warm summer rays of the sun.

KitKat Cursor

If you love sweets, especially the delicious KitKat chocolate bars, then enjoy this food cursor for a mouse!

Food Wars Soma Yukihira Cursor

Anime cursor with an energetic and upbeat boy who is constantly improving his cooking skills - Soma Yukihira, and his kitchen knife from the Food Wars !: Shokugeki no Soma series.

Haikyuu!! Keiji Akaashi and Rapeseed Soup Cursor

Keiji Akaashi is the volleyball team's vice-captain and setter. Akaashi seems to be Bokuto's closest on-screen friend. It's amazing anime with an interesting plot, so we really recommend you watch it and add the Haikyuu!! anime cursors pack.

Ferrari Monza SP2 2020 Cursor

The Ferrari Monza SP2 is a supercar, inspired by Barchettas of the 1950s. According to the stated data, Ferrari Monza SP2 can accelerate to hundreds in 2.9 seconds. For sports car lovers, we created this amazing Ferrari cursor!

Genshin Impact Amber and Baron Bunny Cursor

Amber is a pretty girl with golden eyes and dark brown hair, the playable Pyro character. The game Genshin Impact cursor with Amber and Baron Bunny!

Custom Cursor-Man: Hero's Rise - Idle Game