Top Downloaded Cursors

Our collection of the cute custom cursors is giant, currently, it consists of the 4977 beautiful cursor packs. Over the years we got many questions from you on how many times each of cute cursors was downloaded. That's why we decided to provide you with a tool that can show you the most downloaded cursors of all time from our cursor collection.

Baby Pig Cursor

How about something adorable and oinking for your cursor? Our cute baby piglet prooves that pigs are really fun and intelligent animals. Set our cute Baby Pig cursor pack as your mouse cursor and guarantee yourself plenty of smiles.

Pankunchi and Koppepan Cursor

Check out these kawaii characters from the Japanese company Sanrio in the shape of the cute cursor for a mouse with Pankunchi and Koppepan!

Sanrio Cursor Collection105779 downloads

Minecraft Fishing Rod and Clownfish Cursor

There is a legend that this cursor gives luck to all Minecraft fishermen to catch a rare Clownfish.

Minimal Bear Cursor

This cute bear from our minimal cursor has a pretty face and thick brown hair. Actually, the bear is the largest predator, which symbolizes power.

VSCO Girl Drink and Heart Cursor

A glass with a delicious purple drink and a purple heart that loves delicious drinks in VSCO Girl custom cursor pack.

Orange Cat Neon Cursor

Just imagine a bright red tabby cat, which also glow in the dark. With the custom cursor of an orange street neon sign, this is possible. Just a pity that it is not purr.

Neon Cursor Collection105750 downloads

Materials Uranus Cursor

Uranus is a blue planet in the Solar System that was named after the Greek god of the sky. The Materials Uranus cursor for a mouse!

Fortnite Wolverine and Adamantium Claws Cursor

Especially for fans of the incredible Marvel universe, we created the Fortnite cursor and game pointer with Wolverine and Adamantium Claws!

Minimal Fried Egg Cursor

If we want to have a tasty snack, we will fry eggs, because it is very tasty, quick, easy and useful! The yellow Minimal cursor and Fried Egg pointer!

Pompompurin Cursor

This cute golden retriever dog named Pompompurin dreams of being even bigger. Therefore, he sleeps a lot and is crazy about his mama's cream caramel pudding. Set it as your mouse cursor and dream about the great together.

Sanrio Cursor Collection105421 downloads

Abstract Purple Polygonal Pattern Cursor

Decorated in deep purple tones, this colorful 3D abstract pattern will make your mouse cursor unique, beautiful, and stylish. It looks like a purple diamond! The starter cursor and pointer Abstract Purple Polygonal Pattern.

Fortnite Dark Jonesy and Dark Axe Cursor

Dark Jonesy is the Recruit Jonesy outfit from the video game Fortnite: Battle Royale, which you can be get from the Dark Reflections Pack. The Dark Axe is a version of the harvesting tool. The black-purple cursor Fortnite Dark Jonesy and Dark Axe!

Minecraft Powder Snow and Bucket Cursor

Powder Snow is a trap block from cauldrons, that you can collect using a bucket. The game Minecraft cursor with Powder Snow and Bucket!

Steven Universe Bismuth Cursor

Resolute Bismuth, a normal Gem of the first era. Which has the shapeshifting power, and can use it, for example, to turn her hands into large hammers. In the cursor from the animated series Steven Universe.

Among Us Gingerbread Character Cursor

If you love playing the wonderful game Among Us while eating fresh gingerbread, then enjoy this Among Us cursor for a mouse called Gingerbread Character!

Neon Laboratory Flask Cursor

If you love chemistry, experimentation, and laboratories, then enjoy our neon cursor for a mouse with Laboratory Flask!

Neon Cursor Collection104913 downloads

Fortnite Paradox Skin Vision Pickaxe Cursor

Fortnite custom cursor with the Paradox skin and Vision harvesting tool from the Ouroboros set.

Cute Ferret Cursor

A graceful, curious and very charming ferret in the cute cursor for all those who are fascinated by this animal.

Fortnite Siren Skin Last Kiss Back Bling Cursor

Beauty's a cruel mistress! Meet the nice cursor with epic Fortnite skin Siren and her Last Kiss back bling from the Hit Squad set.

Fortnite Sun Strider Skin Rescue Paddle Pickaxe Cursor

The beach season is open. With the Sun Strider skin, we are safe. Fortnite cursor with the Sun Strider skin and Rescue Paddle Harvesting Tool from the Rescue Patrol set.

Bape Cursor

The Power of Exclusivity! Bathing APE is a well-known streetwear brand, so for it we also prepared a custom cursor. Arrow inspired by BAPE Shark hoodie and iconic BAPE logo as a pointer.

Fortnite Eternal Knight Skin Reliant Blades Pickaxe Cursor

Fortnite cursor with the Eternal Knight skin that can get the most diligent players, and the Reliant Blades harvesting tool from the Honor Shining set.


Immerse yourself in the world of crafts, cooking and comedy with a talking pink slime named Sam and his YouTube channel SLICK SLIME SAM - DIY, Comedy, Science.

Cute Chinchilla Cursor

Chinchilla is a gray little rodent with soft thick fur, a charming face, and a long fluffy tail. The cute cursor and animal pointer with Chinchilla!

Minecraft Sugar Cane and Sugar Cursor

Sugar cane is an essential crafting ingredient in the video game Minecraft. It's used for making rockets, books, and trading paper. Sugar is a food and brewing ingredient, is made from sugar cane. Custom cursor Minecraft Sugar Cane and Sugar!

Materials Cracker Cursor

Delicious crackers are a crispy snack that can be found in stores around the world. The Materials Cracker cursor for a mouse!

Fortnite Aerial Assault Trooper Cursor

Did you know that Fortnite is not the same as Fortnite: Battle Royale?! Today we decided to prepare for you Aerial Assault Trooper cursors - the character from Fortnite. It's a really rare outfit so to get it it's easier just to add Fortnite mouse cursors

Minecraft Lever Cursor

Turn on and turn off Redstone circuitry with this Minecraft lever cursor.

Minecraft Cow and Milk Bucket Cursor

Want milk? Find a cow and a bucket - get a bucket of milk! Want Minecraft cursor? Here is one.

Cursoji - Crying Cursor

This yellow cursor is such a crybaby. Well bro, do not cry - everything will be ok. Emoji and cursor collaboration in cursor pack with a Crying face.

Jordan 6 Rings Cursor

These sneakers will make your cursor Airy. Shoes Jordan 6 Rings on your cursor and do a Slam Dunk on each tab of the browser.

Neon Baby Yoda and Frog Cursor

Grogu or Baby Yoda is a character from the Star Wars universe and a little frog matches perfectly in this green neon cursor called Baby Yoda and Frog!

Neon Cursor Collection104020 downloads

Hunter x Hunter Kurapika Cursor

The last survivor of the Kurta Clan, Kurapika. Who set himself the goal of avenging his clan. And his Judicial Chain, which is connected to the little finger in a custom cursor from the Hunter x Hunter anime series.

Oreo and Milk Cursor

What goes well with a glass of warm milk? Of course, we are talking about chocolate Oreo cookies or our food cursor for a mouse called Oreo and Milk!

One Piece Roronoa Zoro and Sword Cursor

Roronoa Zoro or Pirate Hunter Zoro is a former bounty hunter and pirate of the Straw Hat Pirates. The anime cursor for a mouse One Piece Zoro and Sword!

Fortnite Skye Skin Epic Swords of Wonder Pickaxe Cursor

Custom cursor with Skye skin and Epic Swords of Wonder harvesting tool from the Fortnight Quest Friends set.

Minecraft Feather and Book Cursor

Hey friend! I heard you were going to write a book. Look, I managed to get a feather and a book for you. Find the ink and you get a Book and Quill. Minecraft cursor for pixel writers.

Bad Printing Cursor

A cursor pack with minimalistic cursor and pointer imitating the bad print style.

Cute Fennec Fox Cursor

Custom cursor with a cute little fennec fox, also known as the desert fox, thanks to its magnificent ears and eyes, it makes everyone fall in love at first sight.

Cute Zodiac Sign Aries Cursor

It's the small cute Aries with pink fur and twisted horns! An Aries is usually charismatic, confident, and brave. This sign of the zodiac has the element of fire, and his planet is Mars. The cute custom cursor Cute Zodiac Sign Aries cursor!

VSCO Girl Lipstick and Lips Cursor

Just rejoice. Smile. Wear lipstick. VSCO custom cursor with pink lipstick and beautiful lips.

Pokemon Absol and Mega Absol Cursor

Pokemon Absol is a Dark-type pokemon in the Pokemon cartoons, games, and manga. While it isn't evolving into any other Pokemon it has its Mega Absol form. Absol lives in the mountains far from civilization and rarely goes out of his alpine home.

Blue Quartz Crystal Cursor

Blue crystals are the rarest type of quartz, which is why their properties and energy are the most unique. The Quartz Crystal cursor and Blue pointer!

Pokemon Rockruff and Lycanroc Cursor

Pokemon cursor with Rockruff puppy and his final form Lycanroc wolf, Rocky-type Pokemon from Generation VII.

VSCO Girl Slippers and Sleep Mask Cursor

Put on comfortable pink unicorn slippers and take a pretty purple cat sleep mask, if you suddenly want to sleep. The VSCO cursor and cute pointer!

Pokemon Piplup and Empoleon Cursor

Penguin-like pokemon Piplup and its final form Empoleon in the water-type Pokemon custom cursor.

Minimal Whale Cursor

When we talk about huge amazing sea creatures, thoughts of beautiful whales come to mind. The blue minimal cursor for a mouse with Whale!

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Barry Cursor

Cute cursor with a shy baby strawberry with big beautiful green eyes named Barry from the Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs cartoon.

Red Line Paper Plane and Boat Cursor

It's great that with just one piece of paper we can make a flying plane or boat that will float along the river. Red line cursor with paper airplane and paper boat.

Fortnite Bonesy Pet Cursor

Bonesy Dog is the first official pet in the multiplayer game Fortnight. Is this your favorite pet? - then be together, with the Fortnight Bonesy Pet custom cursor.

Mully and Green Brushes Cursor

Mullen Slay, known online as Mully, is a popular Australian YouTuber best known for his videos of him playing VR games in addition to having fun commentary accompanying them. Custom cursor YouTubers Mully and Green Brushes for a mouse!

Minecraft Pufferfish Cursor

Pufferfish is a mob that lives in oceans and inflates when mobs or players approach it. The Minecraft cursor and game pointer with Pufferfish!

Eggo Waffles Cursor

Waffles are a hearty and popular breakfast. Well, who doesn't love them? Fans of the series Strange things understand what I mean. Check out this nice cursor with Eggo Frozen Waffles.

Custom Cursor-Man: Hero's Rise - Idle Game