Top Downloaded Cursors

Our collection of the cute custom cursors is giant, currently, it consists of the 4761 beautiful cursor packs. Over the years we got many questions from you on how many times each of cute cursors was downloaded. That's why we decided to provide you with a tool that can show you the most downloaded cursors of all time from our cursor collection.

SpongeBob Scared Patrick Cursor

Cool cursor with the Scared Patrick meme that came from the Hall Monitor episode of the animated series SpongeBob SquarePants.

Minecraft Iron Pickaxe and Gold Ore Cursor

Minecraft gold digger set in the custom cursor with the Iron Pickaxe and a rare mineral block - Gold Ore.

Cute Lemon Cursor

This incredibly pretty yellow citrus with a blush on the cheeks and a smile is Lemon, which is very useful and rich in vitamin C. The cute cursor and pointer Cute Lemon!

My Hero Academia Kai Chisaki Cursor

Temperamental leader of a yakuza gang, Kai Chisaki, known by the villain nickname Overhaul in a custom cursor straight from the series of My Hero Academy.

VSCO Girl Sneakers and French Fries Cursor

Put on the beautiful soft pink sneakers and go to a cafe for delicious french fries. The VSCO cursor and soft pink pointer Sneakers and French Fries!

Pusheen and Pretzel Cursor

Unusual cat connection with baking. Cat Pusheen and pretzel in a cute custom cursor.

Gudetama and Eggshell Cursor

This listless cartoon egg took a shot at making it big in the Western World, one of the many of the Sanrio characters. Even creators explained it "Eggs are yummy… boiled, baked or raw. There are many ways to make an egg, but eggs are so lazy".

Sanrio Cursor Collection125430 downloads

Black Cat Cursor

While black cats are typically associated with Halloween, witches, and bad luck, there is much more to these cute animals, than just creepy stuff. Place a Black Cat to your mouse cursor.

Minecraft Ender Pearl and Eye of Ender Cursor

An ender pearl cursor! End portals require 12 eyes in order to activate, though each individual frame-block has a 10% chance of containing an eye when generated. If it's useful for you, add these Minecraft mouse cursors as not to forget these tips!

VSCO Girl Paper Plane and Sneaker Cursor

In comfortable sneakers, you feel so free and easy, as if you are a paper airplane that flies in the wind. Pastel blue cursor with a paper glider and sneaker from the VSCO Girl collection.

Minecraft Sweet Berries and Snow Fox Cursor

Snow Foxes love Sweet berries so much that they do not even receive any damage walking through Sweet berry bushes. Minecraft cursor with Sweet berries and Snow fox.

Haikyuu!! Korato Bokuto and BBQ Cursor

Kōtarō Bokuto is a third-year student at Fukurōdani Academy and the volleyball team's ace and captain. He has a playful, friendly, bombastic, and child-like personality, so we prepared anime custom cursors for you.

Demon Slayer Makomo Cursor

Calm and gentle girl Makomo, an apprentice of Sakonji Urokodaki, and her fox mask, decorated with two blue flowers, in the cursor from the Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba anime series.

The Promised Neverland Isabella Cursor

Isabella, a major character of anime, works in Grace Field used to raise children as livestock for the demons. Anime The Promised Neverland is really breathtaking, so try this amazing The Promised Neverland anime cursor.

Minimal Ice Cream Cursor

All children love the delicious dessert Ice Cream, which sweet taste is familiar to us from early childhood. The chocolate Minimal cursor Ice Cream!

Cute Candy and Lollipop Cursor

Candies and lollipops became one of the most important and pleasant parts of people's lives, so there are a tasty and bright candy and lollipop cursor pack! Lollipops and candies are not just delicious but also can be used to carry medicines for kids!

Minimal Glazed Ice Cream Cursor

If the taste of ice cream is familiar to you from childhood, because it is your favorite treat, then add this pink minimal cursor with Glazed Ice Cream!

Paper Mario Cursor

Paper Mario is the sequel to the classic Super NES role-playing game Super Mario. Paper Mario cursor from our Super Mario cursor collection.

Fortnite Summer Drift Skin Dual Edge Pickaxe Cursor

Do not miss the beach season with Summer Drift skin and his Dual Edge harvesting tool from the Fortnite Drift set.

Purple Cursor in Soap Bubble Cursor

Our purple cursor in soap bubble will brightly decorate your computer screen because it is a very exciting and beautiful sight.

My Hero Academia Tenya Iida Cursor

Tenya Iida is a character of the My Hero Academia anime series. He is also known as Ingenium. He is the class representative of the Class 1-A at U.A. High school. Iida is on his training to one day become a Pro Hero. An anime MHA custom cursor with Tenya

Attack on Titan Armin Arlet Cursor

Armin Arlet is the 15th commander of the Survey Corps and a character of the Attack on Titan anime series. His intelligence and strategic thinking make him an invaluable asset in the 104th Training Corps, especially when paired with Hange Zoë.

Anime Cursor Collection123176 downloads

Minecraft Water Bottle and Potion of Regeneration Cursor

Potions are bottled substances, many of which give the player some kind of effect. The Minecraft cursor with Water Bottle and Potion of Regeneration!

Among Us Easter Bunny Character Cursor

Easter is coming soon and it's time to meet the Easter bunny, which is the symbol of this holiday. The Among Us cursor with Easter Bunny Character!

Neon Maracas and Sombrero Cursor

Mestizo workers in Mexico hot climates came up with a wide-brimmed straw hat that would keep the sun out of their eyes and faces, carrying their own bit of shade around with them. These colorful sombrero cursors we made for those, who love summer days.

Neon Cursor Collection123092 downloads

Fortnite Corrupted Voyager Skin Xenopod Back Bling Cursor

Custom cursor with Corrupted Voyager skin and Xenopod back bling from the Fortnite Space Explorers set.

Cute Cherry Cursor

The cute red berry Cherry with a sweet and sour taste grows on branches, often in two or three together. The cute cursor for a mouse with Cherry!

Apple Event September 2019 Solid Cursor

This is a fanart cursor pack inspired by the Apple designer works for September 2019 Apple event with a solid background.

No Signal Cursor

Custom cursor in the style of a television screen with static noise from poor reception of the broadcast signal.

Materials Soap Bubble Cursor

This iridescent film of soapy water is called a soap bubble, which is usually round, but now taken the shape of the Materials cursor for a mouse!

Materials Rose Gold Glitter Cursor

For true glitter and rose gold lovers, we have prepared an amazing Materials Rose Gold Glitter cursor for a mouse!

Gudetama and Strawberry Cursor

Sloth prevails over everything except delicious, sweet strawberries. Gudetama egg yolk with red strawberry in the kimo-kawaii cursor.

Sanrio Cursor Collection121782 downloads

Minecraft Potions Cursor

Hey friend! Before you go on an adventure, take this Minecraft potion cursor with you. There are two bottled substances - the Potion of Invisibility and the Potion of Healing.

Easter Bunny Pusheen Cursor

Favorite Internet cat Pusheen as an Easter bunny with an Easter basket in the cute Easter-cat custom cursor.

Origami Watermelon Cursor

If you like delicious summer berries, then make the shape of watermelon from a sheet of paper! The origami cursor for a mouse with Watermelon!

Dino Chicken Nuggets Cursor

Cursor with delicious chicken nugget in the shape of a brontosaurus and spicy like asteroid sauce.

Cute Flamingo Cursor

When we talk about a pink bird that stands on one leg in the water, thoughts of a flamingo immediately come to mind! The cute cursor with Flamingo!

Abstract Paper Pieces Pattern Cursor

Today we have prepared an abstract paper cursor for you! This colorful cursor, with extraordinary patterns, will make your mouse truly unique. This gorgeous cursor looks like it was cut out of paper. Therefore, add this mouse cursor to surprise everyone!

Pusheen and Fish Cookie Cursor

Everyone already knows that Pusheen has a sweet tooth. She is crazy about all kinds of sweets. And if these sweets are also in the form of, for example, fish, then this is a blast! Funny cursor with Pusheen cat and Fish cookies.

Adventure Time Flame Princess Cursor

This is definitely the hottest Princess of Land of Ooo! Fire cursor with the Flame Princess, ruler of the Fire Kingdom and the ex-girlfriend of Finn from the animated series Adventure Time.

Pina Colada Cursor

The piña colada is a classic blended or iced cocktail that originated in Puerto Rico. It's mixed from coconut milk and pineapple juice for a perfect summer party drink. It's just so refreshing and has a rich sweet taste. Tasty Pina Colada summer cursor.

JoshDub Cursor

Josh Dub is an Australian YouTuber who is popular for his videos of VR games like Blade and Sorcery and Minecraft VR. He has received recognition for content creation and has nearly eight million subscribers. Our cool Youtuber JoshDub mouse cursor!

Roblox Adopt Me T-Rex Cursor

T-Rex is a cute limited legendary pet, which looks like a green dinosaur with small front legs. The Adopt Me cursor and game pointer with T-Rex!

Minecraft Diamond Axe and Birch Log Cursor

Diamond Axes are mainly used to chop down Trees and Wood-related Blocks. From wood, you can also make Planks. You just need to broke Oaktree and get wooden logs. For those, who like Minecraft there are diamond axe sparkling cursor and birch log pointer!

Naruto Rock Lee and Nunchucks Cursor

Rock Lee is a character in the manga and anime "Naruto". Rock Lee is shinobi of Konohagakure's Lee clan and a member of Team Guy. He uses taijutsu and ninja techniques. This cool mouse cursor with Naruto Rock Lee and Nunchucks for you!

Naruto Cursor Collection120355 downloads

Off-White Yellow Industrial Belt Cursor

Try on an exciting and catchy Off-White yellow industrial belt on your cursor, and give your web space a bit of street fashion.

VSCO Girl Purple Flower and Butterfly Cursor

Do you want to enjoy beautiful flowers and amazing butterflies? The purple VSCO cursor for a mouse with Flower and Butterfly!

Custom Cursor-Man: Hero's Rise - Idle Game