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The animated internet landscape wouldn't be the same without Homestar Runner, a web series that has managed to maintain its relevance for over two decades. With its eclectic mix of characters, unique humor, and memorable moments, Homestar Runner remains a beloved fixture in digital entertainment. Created by The Brothers Chaps, Mike and Matt Chapman, Homestar Runner was introduced in the year 2000 and quickly amassed a significant following. The show's innovative use of the internet as its broadcasting platform, its clever writing, and its diverse cast of quirky characters helped it stand out, establishing a lasting legacy in the world of web animation.
Homestar Runner, the central character of this Flash-animated series, is a lovable, armless athlete known for his good-hearted nature and charming naivety. Clad in a white and red attire, sporting a propeller cap, and conversing in a distinctive voice, Homestar Runner is a character that's hard to forget. His endearing personality and often absurd exploits are central to the series' appeal.
In our fanart Homestar Runner cursor collection we got many Homestar Runner characters as custom cursors, like the main hero Homestar Runner cursor, the Homestar Runner Strong Bad cursor, a cursor of Pom Pom And Phone, a cursor of Trogdor The Burninator and many, many more. We didn't set out to be internet pioneers, we set out to make dumb cartoons. We just happened to have an internet connection and a Homestar Runner fanart cursor collection.

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