Курсор VSCO Girl Pear and Yum Yum

Embrace the vibrant VSCO girl lifestyle with a sunny delight that's taking the trend by storm the Pear. This fruit isn't just a mouthwatering snack, it has grown into a symbol of the VSCO girl aesthetic, characterized by a carefree attitude, sustainability consciousness, and an appreciation for nature's simple pleasures. Deliciously sweet and exceptionally juicy, the yellow pear brings a burst of flavor to your palate and adds a pop of color to your Instagram feed. VSCO girls worldwide are showcasing their love for this fruit, integrating it into their daily routines. A VSCO Girl custom cursor with Pear and Yum Yum.

VSCO Girl Pear and Yum Yum курсор
VSCO Girl Pear and Yum Yum Yellow Pointer

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