Курсор Spy x Family Dominic and Green Tie

Dominic's distinctive dirty blond pompadour hairstyle and the gentle stubble on his chin lend him an air of understated charisma in the Spy x Family anime series. This man of average stature has an evident well-built physique, juxtaposed with a soft and refined sense of style. Whether he's at the party donning a green sweater layered over a crisp white shirt, complemented with a brown coat and shoes, or presenting his professional demeanor at Berlint City Hall in a classic white button-up paired with a striped tie, Dominic's style is consistently elegant. A fanart Spy x Family cursor with Dominic and Green Tie.

Spy x Family Dominic and Green Tie курсор
Spy x Family Dominic and Green Tie Yellow Pointer

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