Коллекция курсоров Poppy Playtime

Коллекция курсоров Poppy Playtime - Custom Cursor

Whether you haven't heard about Poppy Playtime still, what is quite surprising, then we are here to tell you about this fascinating first-person survival horror video game developed and published by American indie developer Mob Entertainment. The player appears as a former of the toy-making company Playtime Co. employee, revisiting its forsaken toy factory ten years after its staff's disappearance. The player navigates through a first-person perspective and has to solve puzzles, sometimes requiring a gadget named the GrabPack, to progress while avoiding various enemies.

Later, the player discovers that the factory is filled with toys like Huggy Wuggy, Boogie Bot, Mommy Long Legs, Kissy Missy, and others which you can meet in our fanart Poppy Playtime cursor collection and who are alive and malicious towards the player, thus making the game character looking for a way to get out of this madness. You can also find various VHS tapes throughout the factory, which give a more detailed explanation of the story.

If you are already a fan of this creepy game - there is good news for you. Our fanart Poppy Playtime cursor collection has many characters as your custom cursors. Among them are the Mommy Long Legs cursor, Kissy Missy pointer, Huggy Wuggy cursor, Daddy Long Legs pointer, Candy Cat cursor, Bron the Dinosaur cursor, Bunzo Bunny cursor, Daisy cursor, Boogie Bot cursor, and many others are on their way to become your cursor.

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