Курсор Kirby Stactus and Flower

Kirby Stactus is instantly recognizable with its vivid green hue and unmistakable cactus resemblance. Wearing a joyous smile, droopy needles, a radiant pink flower crowning its head, and adorable stubby arms, Stactus perfectly captures the essence of Kirby's playful yet challenging world. Those innocent crescent-shaped eyes are deceptive, the cheerful facade masks an enemy ready to extend its spikes at a moment's notice. Venture into the Sandy Canyon, and you're bound to cross paths with this prickly foe, the reigning champion of the desert. A fanart Kirby cursor with Stactus and Flower.

Kirby Stactus and Flower курсор
Kirby Stactus and Flower Green Pointer

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