Курсор Henry Stickmin Earrings and Top Hat

Henry Stickmin is a popular video game franchise created by Puffballs United. Earrings is a minor antagonist in Completing the Mission, that makes an impression beyond her screen time. Her characteristic blue diamond earrings aren't just a fashion statement; they're battle-ready tools that can blind adversaries with a brilliant flash. As a member of the notorious Toppat Clan, Earrings is woven into the heart of the series' overarching storyline. Her interactions, especially in routes like Special BROvert Ops, Triple Threat, Cleaned 'em Out, and Toppat Civil Warfare, offer players insights into the workings of the clan and its dynamics. A fanart Henry Stickmin cursor with Earrings and Top Hat,

Henry Stickmin Earrings and Top Hat курсор
Henry Stickmin Earrings and Top Hat Blue Pointer

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