Курсор Gudetama Pirate

Gudetama, the famously lazy egg, has embarked on a new adventure, and this time, it involves hoisting the Jolly Roger and sailing the high seas as a pirate! This quirky and endearing character from Sanrio has taken on the role of a pirate with a twist, and fans are loving every moment of this nautical adventure. Known for its lazy attitude and preference for staying in its eggshell, Gudetama's transformation into a pirate is a delightful departure from its usual lethargy. When Gudetama dons the iconic bandana hat and a swashbuckling outfit, it brings a whole new level of charm to this beloved character. A fanart Sanrio cursor with Gudetama Pirate.

Gudetama Pirate курсор
Gudetama Pirate Orange Pointer

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