Курсор Geometry Dash Cube 32 And Ball 39

In the game Geometry Dash, there are secret coins that can be collected on each official level. Collecting these coins is an important aspect of the game and presents additional challenges for players. For example, to unlock Cube 32, you need to collect 25 secret coins. Additionally, Geometry Dash features numerous secret levels and items that can be unlocked by meeting specific conditions or finding hidden places. This adds variety and intrigue to the gameplay, allowing players to explore different paths and strive to achieve all the hidden elements. One such hidden item is Ball 39, which can be found in a golden chest in the Treasure Room. This item can be particularly interesting to game enthusiasts as it can be used as a cursor and pointer, adding a unique style and visual elements to the game's user interface. Geometry Dash offers plenty of opportunities for exploration and the achievement of hidden elements, making it engaging and captivating for players.

Geometry Dash Cube 32 And Ball 39 курсор
Geometry Dash Cube 32 And Ball 39 Green Pointer

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