Курсор The World Ends With You Anna Aoi

In the eclectic universe of The World Ends With You, a character that truly stands out is Anna Aoi, the vibrant owner of the trendy boutique, Funky fashion Sheep Heavenly, located in the bustling neighborhood of Molco. Enriching the game with her flair for style and sunny demeanor, Anna plays a distinctive role in the game's storyline and immersive world. Anna is characterized by her short blonde hair and fashionable ensemble. Dressed in dark turquoise shorts, a vividly hued vest over a white Sheep Heavenly tank top, and accessorized with a black bracelet, a gray watch, and a chic choker, A fanart The World Ends With You cursor with Anna Aoi.

The World Ends With You Anna Aoi курсор
The World Ends With You Anna Aoi Pointer

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