Курсор PaRappa the Rapper Teriyaki Yoko

The character in our fanart PaRappa cursor pack is Teriyaki Yoko, a diva who debuted in Um Jammer Lammy and is the Teacher of Stage 6: Taste Of Teriyaki. With their antennas and the stage's location, Teriyaki is shown to be some hybrid of a slug and demon. Their blond hair balances on a stem forming the tip of their head, making it appear like a potted plant. Yoko is shown to be thin, contrasting with their big head. This character goes by multiple nicknames. Specifically, they are referred to as both Yoko-chan and Yoko-sama.

PaRappa the Rapper Teriyaki Yoko курсор
PaRappa the Rapper Teriyaki Yoko Yellow Pointer

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