Курсор Fairy Tail Plue and Key

Plue is a Celestial Spirit of the silver key, it's actually a Nicora with no combat abilities and is kept as a pet by another Fairy Tail character called Lucy Heartfilia. Plue's key was originally sold for 20,000, but when Lycy asked for him, Lucy got a discount. Plue looks like a short and stout white creature, with black blend eyes. He also has a nose that looks like a horn of a golden color, and a bit looks like a carrot making Plue look a bit like a snowman. Plue is not made for combat, he is more of a cute companion to follow his owner around. And Plue is very good at that because he is very obedient. A fanart Fairy Tail custom cursor pack with Plue and Key as cursor and pointer.

Fairy Tail Plue and Key курсор
Fairy Tail Plue and Key White and Orange Pointer

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