Курсор Ducktales Black Heron and Prosthetic Arm

The Black Heron is a compelling antagonist who brings a sense of mystery and danger to the Ducktales universe. With her sleek black feathers, piercing red eyes, and sharp beak, this avian villain stands out. Her cunning and intelligence make it a force to be reckoned with, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats. Throughout the Ducktales series, the Black Heron has made memorable appearances, often scheming and plotting against our beloved protagonists. Its manipulative nature and ability to blend into the shadows make it a worthy opponent for Scrooge McDuck and his adventurous family. A fanart Ducktales cursor with Black Heron and Prosthetic Arm.

Ducktales Black Heron and Prosthetic Arm курсор
Ducktales Black Heron and Prosthetic Arm Brown Pointer

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