Курсор Spy vs. Spy Black Spy and Bomb

Spy vs. Spy is a classic comic strip that originated in MAD magazine and has since become a popular franchise. One of the iconic characters in Spy vs. Spy is the Black Spy, known for his cunning and resourcefulness. The Black Spy is a master of espionage, always clad in black attire and equipped with an arsenal of gadgets and traps. He is a strong enemy of the White Spy, with both spies engaging in a never-ending battle of wits and trickery. The Black Spy is known for his clever disguises and ability to outsmart his opponent at every turn. A fanart Spy vs. Spy cursor with Black Spy and Bomb.

Spy vs. Spy Black Spy and Bomb курсор
Spy vs. Spy Black Spy and Bomb Pointer

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