Курсор Castle Crashers Killer Beekeeper

The Killer Beekeeper is a recurring enemy in the video game Castle Crashers. They are a powerful enemy who can be difficult to defeat. Killer Beekeepers are large, humanoid beekeepers who wear yellow and black striped uniforms. They wield a variety of weapons, including beehives, flamethrowers, and boomerangs. They can also summon swarms of bees to attack their enemies. Killer Beekeepers are a formidable enemy. They are strong, durable, and have a variety of ranged and melee attacks. They can also be difficult to hit, as they are often surrounded by bees. A fanart Castle Crashers cursor with Killer Beekeeper.

Castle Crashers Killer Beekeeper курсор
Castle Crashers Killer Beekeeper Black Pointer

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