Курсор Blooket Green Slime Monster

Slime Monster is an Uncommon blook on the Blooket educational website, but you do not have it by default, and it must be unlocked through a Medieval box with a drop rate of 13.4%. The Slime Monster is also an enemy and has multiple color and health variants in Tower Defense. Unlike the other blooks in Tower Defense part of the Blooket, the Slime Monster is the enemy designed to defeat you in Tower Defense. The Slime Monster has multiple color and health variants. The Slime Monster also comes in a variety of colors, like ice blue, light white, black, and red slime monster. A fanart Blooket cursor pack with Green Slime Monster pointer.

Blooket Green Slime Monster курсор
Blooket Teal Slime Monster Green Pointer

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