Курсор Nanbaka Jyugo and Lock

Jyugo is also known as inmate number 15, takes the spotlight as the main protagonist in the anime and web manga series Nanbaka. Incarcerated in the formidable Nanba Prison's building thirteen, cell thirteen, his criminal record cites charges of larceny. However, Jyugo's true claim to fame lies in his exceptional talent for escape artistry, having successfully broken free from every prison before his stint in Nanba. Additionally, he happens to be the son of Rokudo. Jyugo's physical appearance is as unique as his skillset. He is a slender teenager of below-average height, boasting lightly tanned skin and distinctive wavy black hair with striking red bangs. A fanart Nanbaka cursor with Jyugo and Lock.

Nanbaka Jyugo and Lock курсор
Nanbaka Jyugo Lock Black Pointer

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