Cursores de descarga superior

Nuestra colección de lindos cursores personalizados es gigante, actualmente consta de los hermosos paquetes de cursor 4777. A lo largo de los años, hemos recibido muchas preguntas sobre cuántas veces se descargó cada uno de los lindos cursores. Es por eso que decidimos brindarle una herramienta que puede mostrarle los cursores más descargados de todos los tiempos de nuestra colección de cursores.

Pokemon Pikachu Cursor

If you love the Pokémon series or the games, check out these electrifying cursors of the most famous and most adorable Pokémon Pikachu.

Colección PokemonDescarga 379490 veces

Night Monkey Cursor

The Marvel cursor for a mouse with Night Monkey!

Colección Marvel ComicsDescarga 377813 veces

Among Us Coca-Cola Character Cursor

If you love playing the fantastic game Among Us and drinking sweet soda, namely Coca-Cola, then enjoy this Among Us сursor with Coca-Cola Character!

Colección Among UsDescarga 369346 veces

Snapchat Cursor

Life is too short to wait. Snapchat cursor from our Web Media cursor collection.

Colección Web MediaDescarga 366760 veces

Twix Cursor

Twix is a delicious chocolate bar made by Mars Incorporated. The Twix package contains two strips of a cookie, caramel, and milk chocolate bar. The name comes from the words Twin and Biscuits. The sweet and tasty chocolate cursor Twix for a mouse!

Colección Food & DrinksDescarga 366528 veces

Among Us Black Character in Mickey Mouse Outfit Cursor

If you love Disney cartoon, make your character like anthropomorphic black mouse. The game Among Us cursor with Black Character in Mickey Mouse Outfit!

Colección Among UsDescarga 365525 veces

Cute Narwhal Cursor

Narwhal is definitely a unicorn that fell in love with water and stayed to live in it. Cursor with the inhabitant of cold water - the cute narwhal.

Colección Cute CursorsDescarga 360163 veces

Cute Dino Cursor

Who knew that such a cute dinosaur lived in the Jurassic period. Green dino cute cursor by Daieny Schuttz for all lovers of cuteness and dinosaurs.

Colección Cute CursorsDescarga 358302 veces

Cute Coffee Pot and Donut Cursor

Cute happy smiling coffee pot and tasty donut, what can be better to start your day. Cute Coffee Pot and Donut cursor from our Cute Cursors collection.

Colección Cute CursorsDescarga 358158 veces

Fortnite Deadpool Skin Dragacorn Glider Cursor

At last! The superhero who breaks the fourth wall has now hit the Fortnite game. With this skin, you can feel like Deadpool in your favorite Royal Battle, the same way your cursor can feel with this special Fortnite Deadpool custom cursor.

Colección FortniteDescarga 355666 veces

Gucci Flip Flops Cursor

Gucci Flip Flops is a popular Internet meme from TikTok, which is associated with a song by rapper Bhad Bhabie. TikTok users started making comedy videos for this track. Famous meme cursor for a mouse Gucci Flip Flops!

Colección StreetwearDescarga 353788 veces

Woman Yelling at a Cat Meme Cursor

There a two sides to every situation. Woman Yelling at a Cat Meme cursor from our Memes collection.

Colección MemesDescarga 351387 veces

Snickers Cursor

What can make hungry person turn into a happy person? A Snickers cursor from our Food & Drinks cursor collection. Or make him more hungry...

Colección Food & DrinksDescarga 351215 veces

YouTube Cursor

Broadcast Yourself! Video sharing platform with a mission is to give everyone a voice and show them the world. YouTube cursor from our Web Media cursor collection.

Colección Web MediaDescarga 350180 veces

Among Us Purple Character in Security Guard Outfit Cursor

Purple is one of the main colors in Among Us that the player can customize. There is a MIRA Security Guard Outfit, which includes a security guard outfit and a security headgear. Cool custom cursor Among Us Purple Character in Security Guard Outfit!

Colección Among UsDescarga 349022 veces

VSCO Girl Starbucks Cup and Peach Cursor

What is better Starbucks Iced Peach Green Tea Lemonade or juicy sweet Peach? I choose it all in a gently pink custom cursor from the VSCO Girl collection.

Colección VSCO GirlDescarga 348229 veces

Among Us Baby Yoda Character Cursor

For fans of the game Among Us and the Star Wars universe, we have prepared the Among Us cursor for a mouse with Baby Yoda Character!

Colección Among UsDescarga 347908 veces

Among Us Purple Character in Plant Hat Cursor

With the help of the purple skin and the Plant Hat, your character can look cool and colorful. And with such a set you will look like an eggplant. The custom cursor from Among Us with Purple Character in Plant Hat for a pointer!

Colección Among UsDescarga 346637 veces

Among Us Yellow Character in Winter Gear and Dog Cursor

Make your character a yellow color, buy a dog, put on Winter Gear Skin and Hat. The game Among Us cursor with Yellow Character in Winter Gear and Dog!

Colección Among UsDescarga 344635 veces

Purplish Yellow and Colourful Ice Cream Neon Cursor

Colorful neon signs that catch your eye and make you want to eat icecream. Purplish Yellow and Colourful Ice Cream Neon cursor from our Neon cursor collection.

Colección NeonDescarga 344533 veces

Pip and Watermelon Cursor

Pusheen's and Stormy's brother, named Pip, loves delicious and juicy watermelons.

Colección PusheenDescarga 343161 veces

Diamond Cursor

Shine bright like a diamond! Here is a 10-carat diamond cursor specially designed for you. Head over to the Custom Cursor website and take your treasure.

Colección StarterDescarga 342171 veces

The Amazing World of Gumball Cursor

The Amazing World of Gumball is an incredibly cool animated series by Cartoon Network, starring Gumball is a blue kitten, and Darwin is an orange goldfish with arms and legs. The cool cartoon mouse cursor and pointer The Amazing World of Gumball!

Colección CartoonsDescarga 340997 veces

It Pennywise Cursor

Based on Stephen King classic book and turned into It Pennywise cursor from our Movies & TV cursor collection.

Colección Movies & TVDescarga 337306 veces

Kirby With A Knife Meme Cursor

The Kirby with Knife is an image of a Kirby holding a knife with the inscription"This guy has been standing outside my place for the past 30 minutes. I've called the police but they haven't shown up". A hilarious meme cursor Kirby with a Knife Meme.

Colección MemesDescarga 336014 veces

Fortnite Zero Skin Black Hole Cursor

Skin Zero is a creature from a black hole in the Fortnight, which hung over the Fortnight after the end of season 10. It comes with Black Hole, a legendary Battle Royale Back Bling. The fantastic game cursor from Fortnite with Zero Skin Black Hole!

Colección FortniteDescarga 335523 veces

Cinnamon Roll and Cinnamoroll Cursor

Cinnamoroll is a character of Sanrio, a little white fluffy puppy with blue eyes and blush. He has long ears with which he can fly, and a tail that looks like a cinnamon roll. The custom mouse cursor from Sanrio with Cinnamon Roll and Cinnamoroll!

Colección SanrioDescarga 333278 veces

Pusheenicorn Cursor

A cute combination of Nyan Cat and Rainbow Dash, with a small unicorn horn. Pusheenicorn's mane is rainbow, as well as the tail.

Colección PusheenDescarga 332863 veces

VSCO Girl Lip Balm and Watermelon Cursor

A must have of any trendy VSCO Girl, a Lip Balm and Watermelon cursor from our VSCO Girl cursor collection.

Colección VSCO GirlDescarga 332223 veces

Pringles the Original Cursor

The original taste of Pringles, with salted potato chips in the crispy custom cursor.

Colección Food & DrinksDescarga 329856 veces

Brazil Dog Dance Meme Cursor

The Brazil Dog Dance is a popular video of a Brazilian boy dancing with a stray dog. The video was uploaded to the Internet on February 5, 2016, and immediately gained popularity due to its funny nature. The funny meme cursor Brazil Dog Dance Meme.

Colección MemesDescarga 328817 veces

Among Us Red Character Devils Horns Cursor

In the game Among Us, the player can make his character red, it's considered the color of the Impostor and the main talisman of the game. Also, the player can purchase the Devil Horns hat. The game mouse cursor Among Us Red Character and Devil Horns!

Colección Among UsDescarga 328372 veces

PewDiePie Cursor

Felix Kjellberg also known as PewDiePie, is one of the highest-earning and popular YouTubers now as PewDiePie cursor from our YouTubers cursor collection.

Colección YouTubersDescarga 327659 veces

Pusheen Vampurr with Donut Cursor

Pusheen Vampurr is a sweet, curious cat that acquired a new look - the form of a vampire, which makes her even more mysterious. Catch the vibe and add Pusheen Vampurr and donut in a cute cursor pack.

Colección PusheenDescarga 325078 veces

Orange Arrow and Purple Hand Neon Cursor

Light up your boring cursor with this Neon Light cursor. Bright orange arrow for cursor and luminous purple hand as a pointer.

Colección NeonDescarga 324885 veces

Among Us Tan Character and Stickmin Pet Cursor

Look at this unusual character! He uses the Tan Skin, Eyebrow Hat, and also has a Stickmin Pet as a reference to the character Henry Stickmin. The custom cursor from Among Us with Tan Character, Eyebrows Hat, and Henry Stickmin Pet for a pointer!

Colección Among UsDescarga 321678 veces

Iron Man Endgame Helmet Tony Stark Cursor

Iron Man who made the ultimate sacrifice by wielding the Infinity Gauntlet and putting an end to Thanos’ invasion now as a cursor from our Marvel Comics cursor collection.

Colección Marvel ComicsDescarga 319444 veces

Increasingly Buff SpongeBob Cursor

Increasingly Buff SpongeBob is a popular meme, which is based on an episode from the SpongeBob SquarePants. This is a humorous attempt to reflect someone's anger or readiness to lose control. The funny meme cursor Increasingly Buff SpongeBob!

Colección SpongeBobDescarga 318971 veces

Star Wars BB-8 Cursor

A skittish but loyal droid that accompanied Poe Dameron on many missions for the Resistance, helping keep his X-wing in working order now as a cursor from our Star Wars cursor collection.

Colección Star WarsDescarga 317650 veces

Surprised Pikachu Meme Cursor

Surprised Pikachu is a reaction meme that people are using to show surprised when something happens that they could have predicted - now as Meme cursor from our Memes cursor collection.

Colección MemesDescarga 317439 veces

Cute Brown Rabbit Cursor

Fast, fluffy and jumping! Cute cursor with energetic and funny kawaii rabbit by Daieny Schuttz.

Colección Cute CursorsDescarga 315521 veces

Lamborghini Countach Cursor

The Lamborghini Miura might be the original supercar, but the Countach defines the genre. Lamborghini Countach cursor from our Supercars cursor collection.

Colección SupercarsDescarga 314412 veces

McDonald's Cola and Package Cursor

They are known for their world-famous fries, Big Macs, and the Golden Arches. McDonalds Cola and Package cursor from our Food & Drinks cursor collection.

Colección Food & DrinksDescarga 314150 veces

Star Wars Baby Yoda Cursor

Since his debut in The Mandalorian Baby Yoda has been a sensation. A cuter, younger version of a Jedi master, he’s one of the most endearing creatures ever seen in the Star Wars.

Colección Star WarsDescarga 313817 veces

Netflix Cursor

Come home, relax and see what's next with Netflix cursor from our Web Media cursor collection.

Colección Web MediaDescarga 312487 veces

Fortnite Marshmello Skin Marshy Smasher Pickaxe Cursor

Marshmello is a popular DJ who has been known in the Fortnite community due to play with Ninja. Now available as Fortnite Marshmello Skin cursor in our Fortnite cursor collection.

Colección FortniteDescarga 312256 veces

Cute Sloth Cursor

Why are sloths always smiling? Because they are happy! And they are happy because they are in no hurry. Energy-saving cute cursor with a cute sloth by Daieny Schuttz.

Colección Cute CursorsDescarga 312144 veces

Fortnite 8-Ball vs Scratch Skin Bank Shots Cursor

The 8-Ball vs Scratch skin cursor is the most robotic of any of the Battle Pass cosmetics, and is slowly becoming corrupted based on your level.

Colección FortniteDescarga 312004 veces

Cute Penguin Cursor

To see the pretty black and white penguin, you need to go to Antarctica. But I think it's worth it because these flightless seabirds are very beautiful, walk funny, awkwardly waddling from side to side. The cute cursor for a mouse with Penguin and heart!

Colección Cute CursorsDescarga 310277 veces

Pusheen Eating Donut Cursor

In every cat there lives a wild beast, whose wild call can be satisfied only with a sweet, fresh donut. Custom cursor with a Pusheen cat enjoying a delicious pink donut.

Colección PusheenDescarga 309806 veces

Push It Somewhere Else Patrick Cursor

The meme with a lazy pink starfish Patrick called Push It Somewhere Else, which was created from a fragment of the series when Patrick Star suggested possible solutions to the problem. The fun cartoon meme cursor Push It Somewhere Else Patrick!

Colección SpongeBobDescarga 309614 veces

Pokemon Charmander and Charizard Cursor

The Pokemon cursor with Charmander and his evolved form Charizard!

Colección PokemonDescarga 309024 veces

Cute Christmas Tree and Gift Cursor

The incredible Christmas holiday is rich in its own traditions and various gifts. A festive Christmas tree and a beautiful gift that gives love, in the form of a cute cursor and a holiday pointer!

Colección Cute CursorsDescarga 308765 veces

Cute Cloud Cursor

The incredible cute cloud with lightning and rainbow! The cute cursor with Cute Cloud!

Colección Cute CursorsDescarga 308415 veces

Purple Space Cursor

For lovers of a beautiful universe with amazing planets and stars, we created the Purple Space cursor for a mouse!

Colección StarterDescarga 306084 veces

Among Us Black Character in Beanie Hat Cursor

Among Us is a game like the Mafia in space. You can make your character black - this is one of the main colors in the game Among Us. To look better, you can use the Beanie Hat. The cool game сursor Among Us with Black Character in Beanie Hat.

Colección Among UsDescarga 306028 veces

Neon Yellow Moon and Blue Star Cursor

The bright neon cursor for a mouse and pointer with Neon Yellow Moon and Blue Star!

Colección NeonDescarga 305424 veces

Pusheen and Ice Cream Cursor

If someone else did not know, Pusheen the cat is a sweet tooth. What other cat can eat a whole bucket of ice cream at a time?

Colección PusheenDescarga 305380 veces

Fortnite Ninja Skin Dual Katanas Back Bling Cursor

Popular YouTuber Ninja as a Fortnite Skin with Dual Katanas Back Bling as cursor from our Fortnite cursor collection.

Colección FortniteDescarga 305355 veces

Laser Cursor

It is bright, red and attracts attention! Grab this laser cursor pointer and move it around the screen.

Colección StarterDescarga 304973 veces

Among Us Brown Character in a Straw Hat Cursor

Before you start playing the Among Us, customize your character to stand out from the rest. This can be done by changing the color of the character to brown and by choosing a Straw Hat. The cursor Among Us Brown Character in Straw Hat for a pointer.

Colección Among UsDescarga 304894 veces

Hot Dog and Cola Cursor

Nothing goes great with a nice, sunny day like a juicy hotdog and cola for you to indulge. Hot Dog and Cola cursor from our Food & Drinks cursor collection.

Colección Food & DrinksDescarga 304040 veces

Attack on Titan Levi Ackerman Cursor

Levi Ackerman, also commonly known as Captain Levi, the strongest soldier of humanity, and his sword in the custom cursor from the Attack on Titan anime series.

Colección AnimeDescarga 303912 veces

Deal With It Cursor

A bold, confident Deal With It cursor from a popular meme is designed to solve all your Internet problems.

Colección MemesDescarga 302838 veces

Mewgle Pusheen Cursor

We introduce you new Pusheen look! Today she is a Moogle from one of the most popular game series of all times and peoples "Final Fantasy". If you a fan of Final Fantasy game and you adore cats, add these beautiful cursors to your collection!

Colección PusheenDescarga 301766 veces

Minecraft Bone and Wolf Cursor

Minecraft has many amazing animals and neutral mobs, wolves are one of those animals. Players can tame the wolves by feeding bones to them.

Colección MinecraftDescarga 301379 veces

Cheetos Flamin' Hot Cursor

Hot, spicy flavor packed into crunchy, cheesy snacks. Cheetos Flamin' Hot cursor from our Food & Drinks cursor collection.

Colección Food & DrinksDescarga 299647 veces

Oof Yikes Cursor

Oof Yikes Softblocking meme cursor to hide elegantly in bushes, like Homer Simpson in the popular GIF, after you notice that the person or character you are following has done something outrageous in the past.

Colección MemesDescarga 299203 veces

Fortnite Fusion Skin Scythe Pickaxe Cursor

Fusion is a Legendary Fortnite Outfit from the Fusion set made for fans as Fortnite Fusion Skin Scythe Pickaxe cursor from our Fortnite cursor collection.

Colección FortniteDescarga 297850 veces

Cute Milk and Cookie Cursor

A glass of warm milk and cookies is the best snack to help you fall asleep. Cute Milk and Cookie cursor from our Cute Cursors collection.

Colección Cute CursorsDescarga 297620 veces

Among Us Pink Character in Angel Halo Cursor

In the game Among Us, you can make your character pink and purchase the Angel Halo hаt to look better than other players. The game cursor from Among Us with Pink Character in Angel Halo!

Colección Among UsDescarga 297137 veces

Cute Squid Cursor

Kawaii cursor with a little shy squid by Daieny Schuttz. Thanks to its arrow-shaped body and its delicate beige color, this is an ideal marine candidate for the role of the mouse cursor.

Colección Cute CursorsDescarga 297028 veces

VSCO Girl Water Bottle and Cassette Tape Cursor

More of VSCO Girls must have's VSCO Girl Water Bottle and Cassette Tape cursor from our VSCO Girl cursor collection.

Colección VSCO GirlDescarga 294525 veces

Black & Ghosty Pink Cursor

Black color gives full expression to a pretty pink color. And we know that, so here is a black cursor with a dissolving pink stroke to customize your regular cursor.

Colección StarterDescarga 293377 veces

Fortnite Renegade Raider Skin Raiders Revenge Cursor

Renegade Raider is one of the rarest skins in the game. You could only get it if you played during Fortnite Season 1 or as a cursor from our Fortnite cursor collection.

Colección FortniteDescarga 291803 veces

Owo and Uwu Cursor

UwU is a type of smiley often used to express the emotion of happiness and complacency, also called "happy anime face". OwO is a smiley with open eyes, where the letter w means a cat smile. Cool OwO and UwU cursor for a mouse!

Colección MemesDescarga 291357 veces

Among Us Red Dead Body and Report Cursor

Look, this is the red dead body of a character from the game Among Us! If you are a member of the Crew, you have to the Report button and report the finding of the body. The game mouse cursor and pointer Among Us Red Dead Body and Report!

Colección Among UsDescarga 290790 veces

Fortnite Llama Cursor

Famous Supply Llamas from Fortnite is now a custom cursor. Take it quickly and catch your loot on the web.

Colección FortniteDescarga 290765 veces

Cold Gradient Cursor

Big mouse cursor and pointer painted black with blue to purple gradient outline.

Colección StarterDescarga 290380 veces

Nintendo Switch Cursor

The Nintendo Switch is a fantastic console for all kinds of gamers, even if you're not a Nintendo fan. Nintendo Switch cursor from Gadgets and Devices cursor collection.

Colección Gadgets and DevicesDescarga 289545 veces

Fries Cursor

French fries, the crispy deep-fried potato strips, are perfect accompaniments to burgers or steak, and can still stand tall on their own.

Colección Food & DrinksDescarga 289038 veces
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