Super Mario Rosalina and Luma Cursor

Rosaline and Luma are fictional characters in the video game series Super Mario Bros. Rosaline debuts in Super Mario Galaxy, she is a very powerful but non-playable character, her responsibility is to safeguard and protect space, as well as command the Observatory of Comets, the main world of the game. She is the adoptive mother of Lumas. These are star creatures in the game, as well as observers of space. Unlike most stars, Lumas are shaped like raindrops and come in a variety of colors, the most common is yellow. All Lumas are very friendly and help Mario during his quest. Lumas have the ability to transform. If you love game series Mario and they characters, then its cute game cursor Super Mario Rosalina and Luma is just for your mouse!

Super Mario Rosalina and Luma Cursor
Super Mario Rosalina and Luma Pointer

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