Spy x Family Camilla and Brooch Cursor

Camilla is a co-worker of the ever-mysterious Yor Forger at Berlint City Hall, is a beautiful woman with striking blonde hair, yellow eyes, and a commanding presence in the anime Spy X Family. Her beauty, however, belies a complex personality - a blend of high-class snobbishness and unexpected kindness. At first glance, Camilla might come off as mean-spirited, particularly in her treatment of Yor. Her initial interactions include a manipulative invitation to her party just to ridicule Yor for her single status and even a near attempt to spill hot gratin on her unsuspecting co-worker. A fanart Spy x Family cursor with Camilla and Brooch.

Spy x Family Camilla and Brooch Cursor
Spy x Family Camilla and Brooch Pointer

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