Noragami Iki Hiyori and Phone Cursor

Iki Hiyori is a young thin girl with purple eyes and brown hair who wears a school uniform and is a character in the fantasy manga and anime Noragami. After Hiyori got hit by a bus, she becomes a half-phantom and can leave her human body, in this form she can jump high and run fast, and also has a good sense of smell. By nature, Iki Hiyori is a very brave and kind-hearted girl who tries to help anyone who is in danger. If you like Noragami manga and anime, especially Iki Hiyori, then add this cool custom mouse cursor Noragami Iki Hiyori and Phone!

Noragami Iki Hiyori and Phone Cursor
Noragami Iki Hiyori and Phone

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