Cookie Run Soda Cookie Cursor

Soda Cookie is a charming and energetic character in the Cookie Run universe. With his iconic blue popsicle-shaped surfboard and vibrant personality, he brings a touch of effervescence to the game. Soda Cookie's unique ability lies in his surfboard, getting on a wave and surfing along at high speeds. Soda Cookie was glazed with a special oil and then toasted to the perfect shade of golden brown like a real good tan. He is now a free-spirited waterproof Cookie who loves to surf on the popsicle surfboard he found in the Witch's freezer. Soda Cookie is a fun-loving, easygoing Cookie with a passion for surfing. A fanart cursor pack with Cookie Run Soda Cookie in a cursor with a popsicle.

Cookie Run Soda Cookie Cursor
Cookie Run Soda Cookie Blue Surf Pointer

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