Top Downloaded Cursors

Our collection of the cute custom cursors is giant, currently, it consists of the 4945 beautiful cursor packs. Over the years we got many questions from you on how many times each of cute cursors was downloaded. That's why we decided to provide you with a tool that can show you the most downloaded cursors of all time from our cursor collection.

Xbox Series X and Controller Cursor

For all gamers, we prepared the Xbox Series X and controller mouse cursor. Xbox Series X is the most forceful console, with amazing specs and a promising lineup of games. Use the special Xbox Series X and controller cursor.

Minecraft Yellow Dye and Wool Cursor

A cursor pack with Minecraft items Yellow Dye and a Wool Block. Yellow Dye is crafted from Dandelions or Sunflowers and used for coloring things yellow. Wool block, same as in life can be obtained from sheep, and this block can be dyed into 16 colors.

Star Wars IG-11 DLT-20A Blaster Cursor

IG-11 droid, a.k.a. Eyegee-Eleven was a masculine-programmed Class 4 IG-series assassin droid who was a bounty hunter during the New Republic Era. Now as a cursor from our Star Wars collection.

One Piece Roronoa Zoro and Sword Cursor

Roronoa Zoro or Pirate Hunter Zoro is a former bounty hunter and pirate of the Straw Hat Pirates. The anime cursor for a mouse One Piece Zoro and Sword!

Green Victory Hand Cursor

This cursor pack is a victory of green color. The cursor and pointer here are filled with green circles of different tones of green.

PlayStation 5 Cursor

For all gamers who can't wait to get the coveted PlayStation 5 console, we have prepared a PS5 cursor with a white DualSense wireless controller and a Sony video console.

Cute Chicken Leg Cursor

The pretty smiling chicken legs are a favorite treat for their crispy crust, delicious taste, and smell. The cute cursor and food pointer Chicken Leg!

Google Birthday Cursor

Google is the most popular search engine. Google was founded on September 4, 1997, registered the domain on September 15. The birthday is celebrated on September 27, and 1998 is considered the year of foundation. Custom mouse cursor Google Birthday!

Gudetama Yoga Cursor

The cute and very lazy Gudetama is a cartoon egg yolk who decided to do Yoga! The cute cursor and pretty pointer from Sanrio with Gudetama Yoga!

Sanrio Cursor Collection101602 downloads

Fortnite Cyclo Skin Windshear Cloak Cursor

Unleash the wrath of the storm on your enemies! Fortnite cursor with Cyclo skin and Windshear Cloak back bling.

Minimal Whale Cursor

When we talk about huge amazing sea creatures, thoughts of beautiful whales come to mind. The blue minimal cursor for a mouse with Whale!

Hanako-kun Mitsuba Sousuke Cursor

The ghost Mitsuba Sousuke, who is obsessed with photography, and his favorite camera in the anime cursor from the Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun series.

Roblox Adopt Me Shrew Cursor

The Shrew is a cute limited rare pet, which could be obtained during the 2019 Christmas Event. The Adopt Me cursor and game pointer with Shrew!

SpaceX Falcon 9 Cursor

Space cursor with Falcon 9, the reusable two-stage rocket of SpaceX, which got its name in honor of the Star Wars Millennium Falcon spaceship.

Cute Seahorse Cursor

If you love beautiful sea animals and fish, then enjoy this cute cursor for a mouse with a blue Seahorse which resembles a chess piece of a horse!

Minecraft Pufferfish Cursor

Pufferfish is a mob that lives in oceans and inflates when mobs or players approach it. The Minecraft cursor and game pointer with Pufferfish!

Google Play Cursor

Combined logos of Google in a Google Play cursor pack. Google Play Store logo as a cursor and Android logo as a pointer.

Dr Pepper Cursor

If you, like us, are in love with Dr. Pepper than you are not alone in your cravings for this King of Beverages. This popular drink is even featured in many movies and TV series. So its time for us to add a mouse cursor pack with a Dr Pepper can on it.

Comic Cursor

Comics are popular all over the world drawn stories, a series of images that tell a story. Comics come with different characters and different genres. The multicolored animated Comic cursor for a pointer!

Neon Magic Staff and Wizard Hat Cursor

Every mage has a fantastic wizard hat and magic staff because these are the magic items. The Neon cursor with wooden Magic Staff and blue Wizard Hat!

Neon Cursor Collection100828 downloads

Violet Evergarden and Letter Cursor

Violet Evergarden is a child soldier of the Leidenschaftlich Army. After the war, she became an Auto Memories Doll to understand human feelings and the meaning of "I love you," said by her dearest Gilbert Bougainvillea. Violet Evergarden anime cursor.

Anime Cursor Collection100775 downloads

Neon Pig Cursor

When we talk about a pink animal with small beady eyes, hooves, a curled tail, and a cute snout nose, thoughts of a neon cursor with Pig come to mind!

Neon Cursor Collection100589 downloads

Fortnite X-Lord Skin Fang Saws Pickaxe Cursor

Cool and spiked! Epic Fortnite cursor with X-Lord skin and his Fang Saws harvesting tool from the Storm Scavenger set.

Materials Green Jelly Cursor

Try to guess what it is !? Right! This is a brand new green 3D jelly cursor. Tasty and bright sweetness is now for your mouse cursor.

Rilakkuma Eating Cookie Cursor

It's time to relax! We take inspiration from the Rilakkuma bear, who spends all his time relaxing and eating sweets. Use Rilakkuma with cookie custom cursor and become stress-free.

Fortnite Jules Skin Wrenchers Pickaxe Cursor

Tough girl - engineer Jules, with her Wrenchers harvesting tool in epic Fortnite cursor from Engines set.

Minecraft Amethyst Shard and Spyglass Cursor

Amethyst shard is a crystalline mineral from which you can get a spyglass! The Minecraft cursor and game pointer with Amethyst Shard and Spyglass!

Materials Amethyst Cursor

Amethyst is the world's most popular and beautiful purple gemstone. Its attractive purple color now is used as the name of a color as well as the name of the gem material. Set that calming and comfortable material Materials Amethyst as a cursor.

Gentle Glow Cursor

Our gentle glow of the brilliant turquoise light symbolizes harmony, balance, and calmness. The incredibly beautiful Gentle Glow cursor for a mouse!

Roblox Piggy Pandy Cursor

andy is a skin in a Roblox Piggy mod game. She is known for her yellow dress and pandas like black nose and ears. Her eyes glow, one with white and other with red color. She has a bamboo stick in her hands. Roblox Pandy Piggy cursor.

Roblox Cursor Collection100310 downloads

Pokemon Morpeko and Hangry Morpeko Cursor

Morpeko and it's hangry mode Morpeko cursors! He is a dual-type Pokemon from Generation VIII. By experiencing hunger Morpeko becomes extremely aggressive, driven into committing all kinds of evil deeds until its hunger is satisfied.

Slime Rancher Pink Slimes and Secret Style Cursor

Slime Rancher is a cute arcade game, in which the Pink Slimes are the most famous and widespread pretty characters. Their secret style is based on glitter. The game cursor for a mouse Slime Rancher Pink Slimes and Pink Slime Secret Style!

Cute Pot with Plant Cursor

Did you know that the earth has more than 80,000 species of edible plants? But you probably will never try it, so at least you can try this cute pot with plant cursor. Follow the link to add a little more greenery to your life.

Hanako-kun Minamoto Kou Cursor

Cheerful Minamoto Kou, a member of the Minamoto Clan, and his spirit staff Raiteijou in the cursor from the Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun anime series.

Five Nights at Freddy's Freddy Fazbear Cursor

Have you ever wanted to visit Freddy Fazbear's Pizza? Be careful, Freddy is an animatronic bear who wanders around Freddy's Pizza at night and have different ways to scare you. Try this custom cursor pack of the legendary game Five Nights at Freddy's.

Cute Hermit Crab Cursor

This cute little hermit crab lives near to the tropical shoreline. Our cute hermit crab is very shy, that's why he has a purple little shell to hide. But inside he is an explorer that loves to discover new places and websites.

Roblox Adopt Me Crow Cursor

The Crow is a limited legendary pet that can hatch from the Farm Egg with a 1.5% chance. The Adopt Me cursor and game pointer with Crow!

Fortnite Bun Bun Skin Choco Shell Back Bling Cursor

Giant easter chocolate bunny, crazy looking, but very tasty. Custom cursor with the Bun Bun skin and Choco Shell back bling from the Fortnite Choco set.

Pink Cursor

If you like pink than we have something special for you! Curved Pink cursor with a Pink Pointer.

Minecraft Honeycomb and Bee Nest Cursor

A bee nest allows bees to produce honey. When a bee's nest reaches level five, three honeycombs fall out. Honeycombs are useful items that can be obtained by shearing nests. Enjoy this custom cursor Minecraft Honeycomb and Bee Nest for a pointer!

Warrior Cats Graystripe Cursor

Graystripe is a big fluffy, yellow-eyed, dark-gray cat character from the fantasy adventure series of the Warrior Cats novels. He is Firestar's best friend and an incredibly loyal cat to his tribe. Book cursor from Warrior Cats with cat Graystripe!

Among Us Maggie Simpson Character Cursor

If you like the youngest child of the Simpson family, then make your character look like this cute baby. The Among Us cursor with Maggie Simpson!

Thanksgiving Day Ginger Drink and Chocolate Apple Cursor

On Thanksgiving, you can prepare tasty and healthy dishes, such as a ginger drink and a chocolate-dipped apple. The festive cursor Thanksgiving Ginger Drink and Chocolate Dipped Apple!

Stussy Cursor

Stussy Cursor soaked in California's love of streewear and surf. The arrow is painted with the cult signature of Shawn Stussy and, as a Pointer, the 8-ball from a well-known print.

Neon Corn Dog and French Fries Cursor

Are you a delicious fast food lover? Then enjoy our red neon cursor for a mouse with Corn Dog and French Fries!

Neon Cursor Collection99452 downloads

VSCO Girl Lip Balm and Dripping Lips Cursor

You can never have too much lip balm. Probably?! VSCO cursor with fruit lip balm and pink drip lips.

Lavender Cursor

Did you know that because the lavender dye was so difficult to obtain and expensive to produce, the color started to associate with royalty and power? So, add this beautiful lavender cute cursor pack to make your mouse look more royal!

Thomas Simons aka TommyInnit Cursor

Thomas Simons is a popular English game streamer on Twitch and YouTube. The YouTuber cursor for a mouse with TommyInnit and Diamond Sword!

Henry Stickmin and Magic Pencil Cursor

Henry Stickmin is the main character of a series of fun Henry games created by Marcus Bromander. He has a big magic pencil that turns everything he draws into real things. The animated game cursor for a mouse Henry Stickmin and Magic Pencil!

Custom Cursor-Man: Hero's Rise - Idle Game