Cursor Collections

Use our free cursor collections! To add them to Custom Cursor extension - just click on the "Add" button under the one you need. After that, they will be available for choosing in extension pop-up window.

For a detailed view of all cursors in the collection - just click on image of the desired collection or click "View" button.

Pac-Man collection


Don't ask dumb questions and get our Pac-Man cursor collection!

Neon Genesis Evangelion collection

Neon Genesis Evangelion

All is right with the world if there is a Neon Genesis Evangelion cursor collection.

Animal Jam collection

Animal Jam

Come to our den with the whole Wild Animal Squad and Items - Animal Jam cursor collection.

Cuphead collection


Good day for a swell battle! Or for a cute collection of Cuphead game cursors!

Attack on Titan collection

Attack on Titan

We're allowed to believe is that we won't regret the choice we made - the Attack on Titan cursor collection!

Genshin Impact collection

Genshin Impact

A successful day starts from the Genshin Impact cursor collection!

Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun collection

Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun

Knock on the third stall of the girls' bathroom and summon your TBHK collection of fanart cursors!

The Promised Neverland collection

The Promised Neverland

Help the orphans escape with The Promised Neverland collection of fanart cursors!

Crystal Stones collection

Crystal Stones

Gems? Minerals? Volcanic rocks? You will find all this in the Crystal Stones collection of cursors!

Fall Guys collection

Fall Guys

Pick on the most colorful jelly bean-like creature in this Fall Guys collection of fanart cursors!

Dragon Ball collection

Dragon Ball

Find the magical seven Dragon Balls with this anime collection of fanart cursors!

Origami collection


Find a lot of colorful folded paper figures in our Origami cursor collection!

Sonic the Hedgehog collection

Sonic the Hedgehog

Collect golden rings and defeat evil enemies with our Sonic the Hedgehog cursor collection!

Slime Rancher collection

Slime Rancher

Breed and control colorful slimes with Slime Rancher collection of cute cursors!

Splatoon collection


Paint your territory the team color of your Inklings with the Splatoon cursor collection!

One Piece collection

One Piece

Join the pirates on an adventure to the Grand Line with our One Piece cursor collection!

LEGO collection


Brighten up your life with colorful construction toys and our collection of LEGO cursors!

Hollow Knight collection

Hollow Knight

Explore the last civilized kingdom of Hallownest and our collection of Hollow Knight cursors!