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Star Fox

Star Fox is a sci-fi spaceship shooter video game created by Nintendo in the action-adventure genre. Before the game release, the Star Fox series first made a debut as a comic book series that was chronicling a continuing narrative series of adventures and published by Nintendo Power magazine. 

The main setting place of the 1993 game is the Lylat System, where are 5 planets - Corneria, Venom, Titania, Fortuna, Macbeth. From game to game some planets get destroyed, some new ones get added or excluded. But there is one thing that doesn't change - a combat team called Star Fox and consisted of anthropomorphic animals with its leader Fox McCloud - they all go through various adventures around the universe to save their home and to defeat evil scientist Andross, who declared war and unleashed a huge army to create chaos on the Lylat System. You already can find them in our Star Fox сursor сollection. 

Whether you like playing this sci-fi video game and are a huge fan of its characters, you can enjoy seeing them as a Star Fox cursor. Among them, you can choose your favorite one - Falco Lombardi and his Blaster as a game cursor, Leon Powalski as a cursor, space adventure game cursor pack with Star Fox Andrew Oikonny, game cursor with Wolf O Donnell, Star Fox cursor with Panther Caroso and Rose, blue cursor with Krystal, McCloud and his Blaster as a game cursor, Star Fox pointer with Slippy Toad.

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