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Hunter x Hunter

We all know that there are Hunters, and there is prey. But only a few people may count Hunters as their prey. Some of them have access to the lost lands, the locations of ancient treasures, and the secrets of magic items. Those Hunters have the right to bounty hunting or blood feud. Twelve-year-old Gon Freecss, a resident of Whale Island, also knows about this. But the hunting organization is very serious about the selection of applicants for this profession. And Gon wants to pass the exam to become the Hunter. But Aunt Mito against the wishes of her nephew, otherwise he can repeat the path of his father, who for the sake of fulfilling his dream left his son and family ...

But it’s very difficult to stop a person from achieving his goal. And Gon decides to find out how good this profession is because his father sacrificed everything for it. Soon, the young man realizes that his test for the profession of the Hunter has already begun. He left his land and now Gon has to test himself for courage. Moreover, the guy finds friends who also rushed to fulfill the cherished dream. Ahead of the company, severe trials, and powerful enemies await, but let's hope that they will come to what they are striving for!

We have gathered the most memorable Hunter x Hunter anime characters into one cursor collection for you to enjoy. In our Hunter x Hunter cursor collection, you can find both fanart cursors and our own ones, such as HxH Gon Freecss cursor, Hisoka Morow cursor, Hunter x Hunter Killua Zoldyck cursor, HxH Biscuit Krueger, Illumi Zoldyck cursor, Kurapicka cursor, and many more Hunter x Hunter anime characters.

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