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Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash is a runner-style music platforming game Swedish developer Robert Topala aka RobTop. It was released for iOS and Android in 2013, and for Steam in 2014. The game has different versions. For example, a lite version that is available on mobile devices has a feature such as free expansions. Geometry Dash Meltdown, Geometry Dash World, and Geometry Dash SubZero include exclusive levels.

In the beginning, the player takes the form of different things such as a cube, a ball, or a UFO. Some of them you already can find in our Geometry Dash cursor collection. Then, using one-touch gameplay, the player must try to go through a series of interactive obstacles, movement-shifting transporters, and behavior-manipulating portals to get to the end of levels without crashing, listening to exciting music all his way through the game.

Whether you play or used to play all day long, we have prepared a collection of fanart cursors with game figures. Among them are game cursor and green pointer with 3D Player Cube and Ship, Cube 98 and UFO 22 cursor, Geometry Dash with Icon Kit Wave cursor, Geometry Dash pointer with Cube 78 and UFO 16, Cube 41 and Ship 10 as Geometry Dash cursor, game cursor with Player Cube and Ship, red Ball 24 and Spider 10 cursor from the Geometry Dash, Geometry Dash with Cube 102 and Robot 1 cursor, and so much more.

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