Коллекция курсоров Detailed Colors

Коллекция курсоров Detailed Colors - Custom Cursor

You can be blinded by the lights of our Detailed Colors cursor collection, which isn't just about the colors or shapes - this is about their cooperation and connection. Each of the following cursors from our colorful cursor collection has subtle variations in shade, saturation, and brightness. This cursor collection is about simplicity and nature.

This bright cursor collection can be used in interior design on your desktop to create a subtle, sophisticated look. They can add depth and dimension to your space or design. They are not just a single, uniform color but a combination of multiple shades and tones that create a rich and complex visual effect along with different objects like butterflies, roses, the moon, or a tree. 

To your attention, there are already Pink Roses cursor, Night Sky cursor, Pink and Red Hearts cursor, Green Grass in Forest cursor, Blue-Pink Zipper cursor, Fire Flame cursor, Blue Water Bubbles cursor, Christmas Green and Red cursor, Blue Snow cursor, Negative Rainbow cursor and much more is on the way to you to brighten up your daily routine.

If you have any ideas about cursors for our Detailed Colors cursor collection - we are always ready to listen to you and bring them to life.

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