Cursor Collections

Use our free cursor collections! To add them to Custom Cursor extension - just click on the "Add" button under the one you need. After that, they will be available for choosing in extension pop-up window.

For a detailed view of all cursors in the collection - just click on image of the desired collection or click "View" button.

The Owl House collection

The Owl House

Try some magic with our fanart The Owl House cursor collection.

League of Legends collection

League of Legends

Welcome to the Playground with our fanart League of Legends cursor collection.

BTS collection


You will be regretting someday if you don't do your best now with our BTS cursor collection.

Fire Emblem collection

Fire Emblem

May the blessed light drive you from this land with our Fire Emblem cursor collection.

Futurama collection


Just shut up and take our Futurama cursor collection.

Crash Bandicoot collection

Crash Bandicoot

Time to defeat your enemy with Crash Bandicoot cursor collection.

Just Shapes and Beats collection

Just Shapes and Beats

With Just Shapes and Beats cursor collection, you would never hear the word It's over.

Bloons Tower Defense collection

Bloons Tower Defense

Choose your Monkey Tower warrior from our Bloons Tower Defense cursor collection!

Avatar: The Last Airbender collection

Avatar: The Last Airbender

As Sokka's girlfriend, you can be turned into the moon without Avatar: The Last Airbender cursor collection.

Cookie Run Kingdom collection

Cookie Run Kingdom

Any conflict can be solved through conversations or Cookie Run cursor collection.

Fairy Tail collection

Fairy Tail

What's the point of magic to begin with... if you don't have Fairy Tail сursor сollection?

Ooblets collection


Life is really just about clothes and food without Ooblets cursor collection.

OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes collection

OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes

It’s a shame, young man if you choose the path without OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes cursor collection.

Star Fox collection

Star Fox

You’ll never defeat Andross without Star Fox сursor сollection!

Sailor Moon collection

Sailor Moon

No matter how much you change, please don't forget the Sailor Moon cursor collection.

Battle for Dream Island collection

Battle for Dream Island

Life is full of pain without the Battle for Dream Island cursor collection.

Geometry Dash collection

Geometry Dash

I don't know how this works without the Geometry Dash cursor collection.

Studio Ghibli collection

Studio Ghibli

Just follow your heart and go to Studio Ghibli cursor collection.