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Gacha Life

Gacha Life is a free RPG game created in 2018 by Lunime, which has released a large number of anime-style games. When you first enter the game Gacha Life, you are greeted by a cat who says that the game has a lot of interesting things and she is absolutely right!

Let's take a quick look at the game modes! The first place the player goes is the Home or Dress Up mode, from which the adventure in the world of Gacha begins. Here, the player is given the opportunity to change the appearance of the hero, make him unique, customize the pose, hair, face, clothes, and accessories. The most interesting game mode for creative people is Studio, in which you can create cartoons and animations. It's thanks to this mode the game has become very popular. There is also a Gacha mode that all Gacha games have. In Life mode, the player can travel to different places, meet and communicate with different characters. Games Mode offers 8 different fun mini-games that you can play for fun and get crystals to buy gifts. In Games mode, you will definitely not get bored, as here you will have to solve mathematical examples, run and catch chicken nuggets, play in a musical beat, dodge various objects, and much more.

In the Gacha Life game, there are over a hundred different characters with their own unique personality, favorite foods, gifts, and more. And this fanart Gacha Life cursor collection has cute cursors with characters and their favorite gifts like Emma and Tulip, Autumn and Ice Cream, Bex and Chicken Nuggets, Yuni and Puppy, Midori and Strawberry, Lado and Ducky, Fierin and Juice, Senpai Artz and Penguin Doll, Candie and Candy and many more.

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