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Adopt Me!

Adopt Me! is an online role-playing game that was released on July 14, 2017, and became the most popular on the Roblox gaming platform. The essence of the game is to adopt and care for a variety of pets that hatch from eggs. In this way, our pretty cursor with Arctic Reindeer hatches from the Christmas Egg and the Adopt Me Elephant cursor hatches from the Safari Egg.

Cute virtual pets are divided into five classes based on rarity and cost. These groups are Uncommon, such as the Blue Dog Cursor, Common, Rare, for example, Adopt Me Monkey cursor for a mouse, ultra-rare, such as the cute cursor with Koala, and Legendary, for example, game сursor with Dragon and Adopt Me Unicorn. If a player has four adult pets of the same type, then they can combine to form a Neon pet, such as the game cursor Neon Horse or Adopt Me Neon Starfish cursor. And four adult Neon pets can be combined into a Mega-Neon pet!

Purchases in the game Adopt Me! are happened both by Roblox’s virtual currency, Robux, and the game's own virtual currency called Bucks. Money can be made by fulfilling the needs of a pet through drinking, eating, and a variety of other methods.

For fans of the famous Roblox game Adopt Me! we created a collection of game cursors with many pretty pets, from which you can choose your favorite and make your mouse cursor really cool! In our Adopt Me! collection of fanart cursors there are a lot of cute pets like Adopt Me Penguin cursor for a mouse, cute Bunny cursor, Roblox Adopt Me Turtle cursor, game cursor with Pink Cat, and Adopt Me Kitsune cursor for a mouse!

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