Cursor Helper

Our users informed us that for some reason our extension doesn’t work for them or its blocked by us. Custom Cursor not blocked from our side, Custom Cursor not blocked by Chrome Web Store and if we could we would unblocked custom cursors for everyone. It might be disabled by mistake by your network or your local admin. Yes, sometimes that happens.

Many users ask us how to get a custom cursor without extension? Custom Cursor without extension can only work in our Custom Cursor for Windows app. In all other cases unblocked cursor extension is needed for correct work in your web-browser. So custom cursor unblocked no download or custom cursor no extension is just not possible.

We intended our Custom Cursor free unblocked for all users. And it should be provided for our users as custom cursor for chrome unblocked and definitely custom cursor not blocked by admin, at least by our admin. And if it happens by mistake or some other error, our users should not be harmed by it, and get their custom mouse cursor unblocked.

If you are affected by this issue, here is what you can do to get your custom cursors unblocked.
And as we stated before custom cursor for chrome no extension and custom cursor for chrome no download is not possible.
So, for those users who experiencing issues we have released Cursor Helper to get Custom Cursor for Chrome unblocked.
It’s an app with similar functionality as Custom Cursor unblocked.
So, if you want custom cursor download unblocked, try Cursor Helper – Helper for Custom Cursor for Chrome.